Cool Kicks Business Analysis

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Cool Kicks is a sneaker company that has several stores around the country. The Headquarter office located in New York City oversees the retail stores and needs a database system to keep track of the following:
1- Total number of stores with each store uniquely identified with an ID number. Additional information such as address, state, and phone number are also collected. Each store has three sections (kids, men, and women).

2- Each style produced by Cool Kicks has a name and comes in a different size, color, and price. Each pair of shoes has a preassigned company-wide model ID and belongs to one of the series. This helps to identify most popular styles and track authenticity.
3- Information is kept on designers who are independent contractors
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Cool Kicks keeps the record of staff SSN, name, date of birth, address and phone number, date when they got hired. The HQ also needs to know in which store the staff member is stationed, the section and his/her best selling product. The staff at Cool Kicks also have a unique internal employee ID number.

5- Each store has to only have one floor manager.

6- Cool Kicks is so cool, customers can register to become an exclusive member and get discounts on their orders. Each store collects their personal information such as: customer name, date of birth, address, email, phone number, date of the store visit. Each customer has a unique client code. Collected information is being sent to Headquarters on a monthly bases.

7- Headquaters process customers information received from store locations and once in awhile hold sales campaigns. Each sales campaign has its own code, date it starts, occasion (Black Friday, Easter, Presidents Day etc.), percent of discount offered, emails and customer names that it has been sent to.

8- Stores also keep a record of all transactions that usually have the purchase ID, date of transaction, styles purchased, total amount of transaction, retail location and
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