Cool Parents Case Study

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This study used 20 Parents in which seven (7) are male and thirteen (13) are female, with ages ranging between 28 and 25 years and an overall mean mean age of 38.6, who are parents of children of a local primary school who volunteered to take part in this six-week course, parenting stress management rearment, the Cool Parents” Program. The participation and completion of the parents in the program is done voluntarily. Statisitcal data of the results of the group are presented in the Table 1. IN addition, there is no financial gain offered to the parents. Socio-Demographics of Group
Description Women Men Total
Average 38.5 38.7 38.6 Ethnicity
Caucasian 40% 25% 65%
Asian 15% 5% 20%
Indegenous Australian 10% 10%
Pacific Islander 5% 5% Language
English 50% 25% 75%
Chinese 10% 10%
Spanish 5% 5%
Samoan 5% 5%
Italian 5% 5% Table 1
A psychoeducational six-week course on stress management was conducted which focuses the parents in the implementation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the behavioural strategies for stress and anxiety. Furthermore, opportunites are given to parents to discuss the
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The DASS 42 item questionnaire is designed to assess the fundamental symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. The scale is divided into three sets. The first set is the depression scale which will assess the person’s perception in life and interest in certain things. The second is the anxiety scale which looks into situational anxiety, autonomic arousal, skeletal muscle effects, and subjected experience of serious effect. The third is the stress scale which will look into how long before the person feels stressed. This will look into things that will aroused or upset the individual. This also includes what things makes one nervous or causes difficulty in
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