Cool Runnings Character Analysis

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In the film, Cool Runnings directed by Jon Turteltaub, a character that I admire is Irvin Blitzer. I admire him because he is brave, supportive and knows how to learn from his mistakes. At the begging, he was introduced as a totally different character but later on clear changes in his personality are shown. Film techniques that are used to show that are dialogue, close up and over the shoulder shots.

I admire Irvin because he is a character who learned from his mistakes and made the best out of the second chance given to him. Irv was an old bobsledder who has won several medals but with the desire of winning more, he ended up cheating and ruining his whole career. When Irvin is talking to Kert he says “I cheated. I was stupid. I embarrassed myself, I embarrassed my country, my friends, my family, my teammates.” Allowing us to understand that he knows what he did was wrong and that is ashamed of that. He also says
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During one of the final scenes when Derice is looking at a turn pictured he asks Irv how will he know if he is good enough and the coach’s response is “When you cross that finish line tomorrow, you will know.” This shows that Irv believed that their team could make it to end and had a chance of winning the Olympics. Also, close up shots of Irv’s face that show contentment and pride for his team.

Another reason I admire coach Irv is because of his courageous personality, he stands up for his team in their greatest time of needs. When he receives a letter saying that his team was disqualified Irv stands up for his team in an unexpected way. Firstly he interrupts a meeting to ask the reasons why his team was disqualified and says “It was me who let you down, Kurt! It wasn't my guys.” Showing that he cares about his team and that he will fight for them. That are also low angle shots that give Irvin respect from the audience and shows his
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