Coolie: The Character Of Coolie By Muk Raj Anand

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Coolie is one of the most famous novel of Mulk Raj Anand, was published in 1936. Which portrays the picaresque adventures of Munoo, a young boy compelled to leave his hill village to defend. His journey takes him from home to towns and cities, to Sham nagar, Daulatpur, Bombay and Simla working as a servant, factory-worker and rickshaw driver. It is fight for the survival that illuminates, with raw proximity, the grim fate of the masses in pre-partition India. Through this novel, Mulk Raj Anand has concentrated on a social misery caused by inhumanity, selfishness, cupidity, poverty and exploitation. Munoo, the protagonist of the novel is a central figure representing the miseries of the poor and downtrodden. He had experienced many painful situations and encountered callous adventures in his life. INTRODUCTION Munoo. He is the protagonist or the hero of the novel. Of course, he does nothing that is really heroic, and we use the word hero for him only because he is the main character and the entire story centers round him. He is only technically the hero and Anand has shown that even ordinary fellows like (in Untouchable) and Munoo can be projected as the central character. Munoo is fourteen years old lad, living in a village of Kangra district. His patents had died when he was yet a small boy, and he had been living with his uncle (Daya Ram) and his aunt. He was studying in the fifth class in the local school, but in his spare time he had to graze the cattle by the side of

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