Narrative Essay On Coon Hunting

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It was any other night of coon hunting. There were two buddies that went just about every night. There names were John tex and blake thompson. They had always been the best of buds ever since they started school. There dads both hunted when they were little, so they both picked it up from them. They both had a dog john had a female pup, and blake had a female jip. Blake met at john's house with his female jip at five thirty. They meet right before dark . They started the truck then cranked the heater on. Then they went in the shop and put their waders and coon lights on. After that they visited a while, drank some coke and packed some for the road. John grabbed the gun. It was an old single shot twenty two long rifle that they…show more content…
It was the pup coming back to them. They decided to load her up and dive in the direction the dog went. The boys hopped in the truck and headed to the gate. Once they got to the gate blake got out to open it. John drove though and blake locked the gate. He then hopped in the rig and they took off down the road towards the dog. They stopped about a mile down the road and shut the truck off to listen. They could not hear her so they fired it up and headed down the road a little farther. John stopped again and finally heard her, but you could tell she still was not treed. She kept moving farther and farther away. So they stayed there and gave her a little bit more time. Then finally Blake heard her. He thought she was treed but it was such a vag sound he was not quite sure. So they both had decided that they would walk from there towards her bark. They both put their toboggans on, and got there leashes around their necks. Then put their gloves on. John told blake to lock his door. John pulled the keys and locked his to. Then they remembered they forgot the gun luckily. It was a good thing too because they sure were going to need it.

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