Explain Coontz's Myths Of Marriage

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. Who is Steven L. Nock? was a researcher, author, and the Commonwealth Professor of Sociology at the University of Virginia. He was a recognized expert on the role of marriage in society and worked in the Federal Department of Health and Human Services as a consultant on American family policy. (wikipedia) 2. Why do so many people consider the 1950's an ideal time for the American family. Select one television program from that decade and utilize its appearance and context as an example for your answer. Between 1950 and 1960 an American family with three children can live on an only source of income, which includes a modest house, available from a couple of cars-one modern and one older-enjoy vacations outside the home and even save something.…show more content…
Two people may have very close values, but over time discover that their expectations of role as a couple do not match. 5. Explain Coontz's myths of marriage In the past time marriage was based in the interests of both families. Know days marriage is based on fidelity and intimacy. Fidelity is the most important in marriage specially fidelity in men. Marriage doe not have the emphasis as an institution that should organize everyone’s life. Women in marriages must stay home and raised children as well they must do all the household job. Men must provide everything to the house. This is a clear sign of inequality in marriage. Divorce can be dangerous for women and children and when they divorce women must start working and children now are away from both parents, and children of divorce marriage tend to have problems during school or later in their own life as husbands/wife’s. Marriages do not offer nothing to the community or to other relatives because they are more focused in provide to their couples and pleasing each other. Know days marriage is a sacrament and ensures the wellbeing of each member of the…show more content…
8. How can a country's socioeconomic status affect education? Remember to state your sources. There are factors that condition the child to obtain a good learning, we must recognize that the socio-economic conditions are a main cause that affects these social groups. The economic adjustments provoked by the governments in power mean the increase in the levels of unemployment, reduction of subsidies; causing reduction in the contribution of households to the education of children, insufficient material resources, deteriorated health (inability to receive) violence, crime, vices; characteristic that the child adopts due to the fact that he does not meet his needs in the school training process. From the above, the relationship between socio-economic development and learning, the same that must go together, today there should be a consensus before the different political and economic approaches. On the importance of human capital; that from a properly educated and healthy population there would be economic growth and the social welfare of the country. (American Psichological Association) 9. How do religions become integrated into
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