Cooper 12 Minute Run Research Paper

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Cooper 12 minute run
The first test we did was the cooper 12 minute run test, this run was a test of your stamina and ability to pace yourself. This test meant your respiratory system had to work hard to keep supplying the musculoskeletal system with oxygen so it will keep on working. To improve at this test there are a number of different activities you could do. Endurance training would be a very good activity for improving your Aerobic energy system (the system used for this test) and your respiratory system
I did 13.5 laps which is 2700m, according to the table below my results are above average, this could be because I have other aspects to my game in football other than my cardiovascular endurance therefore meaning although I’m fit enough to run this distance if I focused all my training on my cardiovascular endurance I could move into excellent, my heart can get stronger and my left ventricle could pump more blood than it does. The 5000 meters world record of Kenenisa Bekele was performed in
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This test is a test of your speed and agility, which are my strong points. This test uses your Alactic system as it was a test at full intensity it also requires anaerobic energy systems. The world record for this is 10.28 seconds performed by an elite performer. The elite performer can achieve this due to his specified training to adapt their muscles to deal with lactid acid in contrast to me where although my score was excellent for my age I couldn’t beat my time by much as my muscles are not as efficient at flushing out lactic acid in such a short amount of time. The elite performer can also supply energy to muscles without fatigue meaning there muscles can work to an optimum amount before the lactic acid build up causes local muscle fatigue in the legs this can be broken down by buffering this is when the lactic acid is broken down as its flushed out through oxygen

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