Swot Analysis Of Merger Strategy

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STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION GROUP ASSIGNMENT IIM – KOZHIKODE 2017 Submitted By:- Team members SL. Name Roll Number 01 Clifford Glasso EPGP-08-023 02 Reji Prabhakaran EPGP-08-078 03 Aditiya Prasad EPGP-08-001 04 Tesel Thomas EPGP-08-122 05 Rishi Thaper EPGP-08-081 06 Manish Khaitan EPGPSM-09-21 07 Raman Marwaha EPGPSM-09-26 Faculty:- Prof. Rushi Anandan INDUSTRY ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY COOPER INDUSTRIES – “PRODUCTIVITY THROUGH PROTECTION” INDEX 1. Company Brief History 2. SWOT Analysis to under Acquisition Strategy for Cooper 3. Passing the Essential Tests 4. Concepts of Corporate Strategy – Portfolio Management, Restructuring, Transferring Skills and Sharing Activities 5. Cooper Industries reasons for diversification through Acquisition and Merger. 6. How Cooper created value? 7. The Analysis for Cooper to acquire the Champion Spark Plugs. 8. References COMPANY‘S BRIEF HISTORY The Cooper Industries was…show more content…
Thus reducing its exposure to cyclical industries such as petroleum & automotive. Ultimately, Cooper emerged focused on 2 business segments that remain in the portfolio today i.e. Energy and Safety Solutions & Electrical Products. The Cooper Industries main strategy is diversification through Mergers and Acquisitions. It acquired firms in order to reduce dependency on cyclical nature of gas industry and to have stable earnings. It acquired industries that have broad customer base with proven manufacturing operations & stable earnings. Thus it acquired both related and non-related businesses. SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT Analysis of Cooper would help us to determine how it‘s diversification strategy action should be prepared for various acquisitions. STRENGTHS 1. Cooper Industries had manufacturing facilities in 23 countries during the year 2011 2. Its consistent growth 3. The strong, robust organic diversification & expansion in other
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