Comparing Cooper Creek And The Cowboy's Holiday Blessing

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Cooper Creek is a series of novels authored by Brenda Minton the American author that made a name for herself writing romantic novels set in the American West. Minton grew up on a farm in the Ozarks, which has given her the spectacular perspective of life, love, and romance in the country that she so eloquently paints in the Cooper Creek series. The series of novels is centered on the Cooper family of Oklahoma with a different family member taking the lead in each novel. The first novel in the series was The Cowboys Holiday Blessing that Minton first published in 2011 to rave reviews. With the first novel going on to achieve massive success soon after publication, it spawned several more titles in the still ongoing series. The ninth title in…show more content…
Jackson is a reformed societal rebel with a mean streak who believes he can take anything thrown at him. He is sleeping soundly one early morning when a brooding teenage girl accompanied by the school teacher Madeline arrive at his door claiming that he is her father. Even as he is sure that it is impossible that her claims could not be true, he is full of pity for the girl and takes her in. However, he is bright enough to know that there is no way he could take care of the child alone and hence asks Madeline Patton for help. Even as both Maddie and Jackson have their own secret fears, they soon find themselves falling in love in the midst of instant parenthood. As they are thrust into parenthood and work to set up a foster home, they might just find the love they have been avoiding all these years.

The Bull Rider’s Baby is another charming novel in the series. Keeton West had always considered himself a confirmed bull rider and bachelor who lived out of a suitcase. Suddenly, he is thrust into fatherhood when he goes back home to find that an old flame had had a child by him just before he left town and now was nowhere to be
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