Cooperative Interdependence: Foreign Policy Analysis

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Interdependence is the current landscape of the world we live in today. Potential issues like, climate change, infections diseases, or economic crisis are problems that can reach beyond a states boarders, yet they have the potential to crippled a nation. When choosing a foreign policy strategy it will need to address the world in which we leave today. The world is facing a new type of war, one that is different than other wars in the history books. A foreign policy strategy aimed at just the United States interests leaves themselves vulnerable to the probability that what happens in other states can directly impact them. Cooperative Engagement is the better foreign policy strategy for the United States to adopt because worldwide problems…show more content…
Public diplomacy is explained as "cultural programs.....these programs are used to transmit a certain message regarding a nations foreign policy, political aims, economic cooperation efforts or even touristic development. ' ' (Swistek,, 200X) . Military diplomacy must work in conjunction with public diplomacy to address international issues. The military focus in the past was about power, how big is was in numbers and how much money was put towards the military. Wars fought in the pre 9/11 time were strategized on the opponents government and military strengths. The purpose of armed forces in the past were for "defense, deterrence, compulsion or intervention". (Swistek, YEAR) Military diplomacy now focuses on peacekeeping in the interest of modern foreign and security policy. Swistek articulates some of the major tasks on military include: "arms control, non-proliferation, and confidence- and security-building measures. [along with] Outreach activities". Swistek affirms that military diplomacy and public diplomacy "were both aimed at common achievements like creating understanding of a given country 's politics, building cooperation and partnership, and supporting processes of stabilization with respect to regional and international security." (Swistek, 200X) These to pillars are the foundation of a foreign

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