Cooperative Learning: The Importance Of The Cooperative Learning Environment

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• Changes to group teaching
• Changes to cooperative learning environment
• Changes to teacher centered to learner-centered
• Changes to improve the low-level IQ students
• Teaching different things to different students
• Changes to more engaged learners [8] 4.3 STUDENTS’ ATTITUDE
According to Hillyard et al. (2010), students’ attitudes towards cooperative learning and working in groups were related to their past experience in group works, past peer group interactive experience and their educator’s explanation and clarity in communication in conveying the message of the group works and its importance [9]. Hammond et al. (2010) found that even though learners accepted the importance of working in groups, they were less likely to accept the value of other members’ work in the task. Individual differences play an important role in the cooperative learning environment [10].
This review paper critically analyses the importance of cooperative learning to enhance the learning experience of the students. It discusses the importance of information and communication technology tools to facilitate the teaching-learning process. It also discusses the concept of ICT tools’ application to develop the cooperative learning strategy. Even though many higher educational institutions understand the value of ICT tools and its application, very few institutions, implements its applications in their cooperative learning strategy. Lack of awareness about the

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