Copd Exacerbation Case Study

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1.What are the common symptoms associated with an exacerbation of COPD?
According to the Mayo Clinic (2017), symptoms occur when a vast amount of damage has occurred to the lungs and progressively worsens, especially if the patient continues to smoke. Change in sputum color, increased sputum amount, coughing more than usual, increased fatigue, breathlessness, increased difficulty completing ADLs, fever, confusion, increased sleepiness, and decreased pulse ox levels are symptoms that are typically associated with a COPD exacerbation (Lareau, Moseson & Slatore, 2014).
2.What assessment techniques will you use to assess Mary? I would begin the assessment using the general survey. I would assess Mary’s level of consciousness
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Start by searching the Internet for your local health department 's website. What services are available to Mary? Briefly describe the services that the state quit line provides. Does it meet the 4 As? Is it accessible, acceptable, affordable, or available for Mary? The California Smokers’ Helpline (800-NO-BUTTS) is a free counseling service with 24 hour a day availability. Their data shows that individuals that received telephone counseling were twice as likely to stay smoke free. we use this for every patient that has used nicotine in the past 30 days. The service is also available in many different languages. Also county has free counseling programs for teens.
What will you do to follow-up on Mary’s smoking cessation process?
I would ask social service involvement and have them offer resources and act as a go between the hospital resources and the outside resources that are available to Mary. I would encourage Mary to put together her own support team. I would ask Mary to contact her primary medical doctor, to follow-up with all that she has accomplished after two weeks (both checking on the improvement of her health and how her for smoking cessation is
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