Copernicus's Argument Analysis

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You threw Copernicus in jail for heresy since you can’t accept that he proved a fairly acceptable thesis to prove that you shouldn’t believe everything that was passed down form generation from generation.What if people were to believe that there 's no god since it’s been brought down from generations ago.Yes,you may have an opinion on something that may seem true to you,but you have to be able to say that you were wrong,and this will prove that your action shall not be tolerated. The Sun is in the middle of the solar system.Copernicus made the discovery of proving Aristotle wrong by proving that the Earth isn’t in the middle of the Earth.To be fair,it seems kind of atrocious but old subjects aren’t the reliable source to believe in.What if people believed that there’s no God since that was information that was passed down.That’s why the people should believe in Copernicus’s theory.…show more content…
People would have the information about the solar system if we believed Aristotle.Imagine having to believe in Aristotle,a person who made claim that is old,for our information that is outdated due to the church not being able to accept the fact that everything said should be believed.Yes,he might of been right once but if someone were to come along and say,”Thou shall not be accepted since thou shall not believe in Aristotle,”that seems pretty atrocious.Everyone needs information that can be reliable from a reliable source instead of accepting everything that’s been said by someone.That’s why Copernicus did nothing

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