Positive Coping In The Movie 'The Blind Side'

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Positive Coping
For those individuals who deal with the challenges of life with less success will loss than other people who cope with the same types of events, this is what positive coping focus on. In psychology, coping means to invest own conscious effort, to solve personal and the interpersonal problems, and it is also linked to minimize or tolerate stressful life events and daily hassles. In other words, reduce burden of short-term immediate stress and contribute to long-term stress relief is the effective of coping. The long-term will appear when positive coping helps to build resources that will inhibit or buffer future stressful challenges. For example, better health status, greater subjective well-being, or helping to foster more intimate
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In this movie, what we learn is not just the positive psychology theory or any concept stated in the textbook, what we learn is the true face of this society as well. In this movie, we learn that how your born out is does not matter, the crucial point is the process of how you fulfil your life and how you reach the point that you will not regret when it comes to the time you passed away. In a race, that is does not matter how the starting point of you, the process of how you reach the end point is more important. Just like the main character in “The Blind Side” movie, Michael Oher. The background of Michael Oher is worse than other, but his positive trait, which is persistent help him to reach his target he never expects it. Because of the Tuohy family, Michael was discovered the positive side of this society. There is nothing worse than give up our self, because we never expected what miracle will happened at the next second. Just like when Michael walking on the street, he can’t expect that Leigh Anne and her family will fetch him to their house. Start from this moment, Michael’s life was absolutely changed. Other than that, we also learn the true face of this society in this movie. Because of the body size and skin colour of Michael Oher, the schoolmate was boycott him and do not make friend with him. Not only the schoolmates, the friends of Leigh Anne also question and jeer her because she treats Michael as her children. In this few scenario, it can reflect that society nowadays was not as easy as what we think about. Even your appearance and the physical surface, there also will happened a discrimination. However, when you try to perceive yourself in a positive way, hold your true personality, treat other better at least do not harm other and hold your major goals of your life, there will not form an obstacle to block your way toward success. In
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