Coping In Nursing Workplace

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The present study makes a number of original contributions to the existing body of knowledge and provides some direction for research and practice. This study has developed and tested new scales to measure workplace stress and coping in context of nursing workplace.

Contribution of the study
Theoretical Contribution
The study have made number of significant contributions in the area of workplace stress and coping
 The most significant contribution is the development of thirteen dimensions the nursing workplace stress scale, a measurement scale that did not previously exist.
 The additional dimensions are identified which previously were not identified and linked to the nursing workplace stress.
 Following further development and confirmation
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 This study contributes to a 21 item instrument to measure of the nursing workplace stress coping situations.
 The Nursing workplace stress coping scale has demonstrated evidence of internal consistency reliability, content validity, construct validity and contrasting group validity.
 The study contributed in development of a process model of stress and coping in relationship to nursing workplace.
Managerial Implications
Human resource managers are largely responsible for creating the work environment in which nurses’ practice and patient care is provided.
 It is important to explore and plan interventions that will reduce the stress experienced and promote adaptive coping.
 The findings also will help the administrators to suggest interventions that will attempt to moderate minimize or eliminate some of these stressors.
 This study provides organization and researchers with the instrument that did not previously exist in India. Study will help to develop modalities
 The policy makers and administrators should have take cognizance of stressful among nurses and take corrective
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 The further testing and validation of the instrument is needed as it is premature to rely on 57 items The Nursing Workplace Stress Scale (NWSS) or 21 items The Nursing Workplace Stress Coping Scale (NWSCS) without continually assessing the reliability and validity of the scale.
 In future research discriminant, concurrent and predictive validity may be established of newly developed The Nursing Workplace Stress Scale (NWSS) and The Nursing Workplace Stress Coping Scale (NWSCS).
 The scales may be modified in order measure workplace stress and the coping among the other health care professionals such physiotherapist, occupational therapist, etc working in the hospital.
 The Nursing Workplace Stress Scale (NWSS) and The Nursing Workplace Stress Coping Scale (NWSCS) may be modified to be used in the community health workers.
 Future research may validate the process model tested in this study where workplace stress was linked to workplace coping.
 The process model of workplace stress and coping may be further tested in other
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