Coping: The Three Types Of Coping

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Coping is a response aimed at diminishing the physical, emotional, and psychological burden that is linked to stressful life events and daily hassles (Synder & Dinoff, 1999, p. 5). There are three types of coping styles which are emotion-focus coping, problem-focus coping, and avoidance.
Emotion-focused coping is directed at regulating emotional responses to problems (Lazarus & Folkman, 1984). There are two subtypes under emotion-focused coping which are cognitive and behavioral. Cognitive emotion-focused coping are the ways of thinking that attempt to draw attention away from the more painful elements of a situation by reinterpreting the situation, using positive thinking to block out negative emotions, or by the use of selective attention (Compton, 2005). Behavioral emotion-focused coping involves doing something to regulate one’s emotions, such as exercise, meditation, or simply venting anger (Compton, 2005). At the beginning of the movie, Michael performed behavioral emotion-focused coping. He wrote out a letter and threw it into the rubbish bin. The letter he wrote was expressing his emotions, such as he felt suffer because he did not understand what teachers taught in school. In the middle of the movie, Leigh Anne drove Michael back his home to get his clothes, but his mother had moved. The house was empty and forbidden to enter. He cried at the corner. This shows he released his negative emotions into crying.
The other coping style, which is problem-focused coping,
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