Process Essay: Coping With Everyday Problems

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Coping with Everyday Problems Take charge: no one can live your life for you. You have to learn how to accept the responsibility for yourself, because with that comes control. Others can and will help, but you must learn to look inside yourself for direction. Objectivity: sometimes it helps to look at yourself as an outsider would. You can begin to see the things which you can change and the things that you have to learn to accept. Recognize your own resources: assessing your strengths and weaknesses can help you to see what you have at your disposal to help you cope. You do not have to cope alone: we all feel pressure at different times and to different degrees. Talking with family and friends and listening to them can help you to get through difficult…show more content…
tense and slowly relax your fists and forearms bend your elbows and tense and relax your biceps (front of upper arms) straighten your arms behind your back and tense and relax the triceps (back of upper arms) wrinkle up and relax your forehead clench and relax your jaw shrug and release your shoulders fill your lungs with air and then let the air out slowly pull in and release your stomach push down your feet to tense and relax your thighs tip up your toes to relax your shins while sitting on a chair, raise your heels to tense and relax your calves Abdominal Breathing
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