Copper/Red Stuff/Chemical Reaction

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Copper/ Red Stuff/ Chemical Reaction The purpose of this experiment was to determine what the red stuff that was produced was. We put aluminum foil in a test tube filled with 100 milliliters of copper chloride. During the experiment, I observed that the aluminum foil was breaking away, the aluminum foil that was breaking away was turning into red stuff. After a while, the once light blue copper chloride was turning into a dull gray, almost clear. As the experiment went on, and as the blue copper chloride was turning clear, the reaction of the aluminum foil was slowing. The lighter the copper chloride got, the slower the red stuff was being produced. The purpose of this experiment was to determine what that red stuff was, aluminum or copper. The red stuff that was produced eventually dried out overnight and when I came back next class, it was completely dry. When it is dry, it is really fragile, it breaks to the touch and it stains anything it breaks apart on. It was a orangish brown color when it is dry, but when it is wet, it is a dark maroonish color. Compared to how much aluminum foil we put into the graduated cylinder, there was a very little amount of red stuff that was produced. So far, I’ve determined that the red stuff is copper, but I don’t know …show more content…

Gather materials (beaker, 100 milliliters of copper chloride, graduated cylinder, funnel, 2 centimeter by 15 centimeter aluminum foil strip, goggles, gloves, apron, hydrochloric acid, and a spoon to push down the aluminum foil so that it doesn’t rise up and drip copper chloride down the side) 2. Pour 100 milliliters of copper chloride into the graduated cylinder to measure it 3. Pour the copper chloride into the beaker or leave it in the graduated cylinder (whichever you want to conduct the experiment in) 4. Fold the tin foil in half the long way so that you have 1 centimeter by 15 centimeter strip of aluminum foil 5. Curl it into a coil/spring 6. Place the aluminum foil strip into the copper

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