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Copper Sun written by Sharon Draper, is an emotional book about a girl named Amari. Copper Sun is based around the topic of slavery. Amari is a fifthteen year old girl, who learns to grow up very fast after she is kidnapped by slave traders. She learns to care for herself and others. She faces many hurdles throughout the entire book. From the second the attackers pull out their weapons, she faces powerful emotions, such as fear,and sadness. One of the first emotions Amari went through is fear. This book has so many emotional pieces that make up one big puzzle. “She looked frantically for Bessa and Kwasi but all was smoke and screams of death.” Statements like these presented themselves many times. This was a statement from a third person's point of view when Amari’s village was attacked. Amari was wary of the guests before they even made it to the village. One example from the book reads “In spite of the welcoming greetings and looks of excitement on the faces of the villagers,the strangers did not smile. They smelled of danger,Amari thought as one of them looked at her. He had eyes the color of the sky. She shuddered… Amari stayed in the shadows,watching it all,uneasy,but not sure why.” Although her instincts were correct, she did not take action to save the people of her village from the danger she felt. Amari…show more content…
Copper Sun was very well thought out and detailed. Although it is not a book i would pick out for myself i did enjoy the read. I liked how Sharon made a connection with the reader. When reading i felt how Amari felt from how well she described the events happening. The descriptive writing lets you go into Amaris world which was appreciated. Although there are a few parts i did not like. Sometimes her use of description was a bit of a bad thing. For example the ending did seem a bit unfair and unfinished. they told about events but never tells what happens

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