Copper Sun Personal Essay Examples

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Many situations in life make your mind set stronger in difficult challenges. Having hope for the better can make a person stronger to achieve for the best. Showing bravery , hope and courage had helped Amari get freedom that she desired. Expressing the history in the book shows challenges that people had gone through in the past. Bravery is one of the key terms of survival through slavery. Amari was a great example of bravery helping Tibet and Polly to escape. A slave at the plantation suggested to head south according to most historical events slaves head North for freedom instead of south. For example Harriet Tubman followed the North Star for her freedom. Bravery can overcome anything. Amari had to come her parents and little brother’s death and surviving barely any food and water. Also being raped on a slave ship and held at a rice plantation where she escaped four people including herself, Tidbt, Polly, and soon to be born baby. These situations expressed Amari’s bravery and hope for a better life to be stronger for her soon to be born baby and herself also for a better future.…show more content…
In the story the author puts those facts with a fictional story of Amari and Polly.The elements that are purely fictional would be that we don’t know if there was a slave named Amari who was rapped on a slave ship and was held at a rice plantations were she escaped a little boy named Tidbit and an indentured servant named Polly were she escaped them and her soon to be baby.The elements that are basically historical are that slaves were taken from their homes and sent to america and were could’ve work with an indentured servant. It affects the reader 's response by having two points of view Polly’s and
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