Cops And Cars Short Story

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Cops And Cars / By: Regan.L “RUN,” Bryan said. The two brothers jump out of the car. 10 minutes earlier Bryan was illegally driving his brother’s ricer ‘98 Honda Civic Hatch, but now he was caught because of his brother’s stupid fart can, the residents had called the police because of the noise. The cops had been chasing them for about five minutes now. Ty said to hide behind the dumpsters. Ty and Bryan were hiding behind the dumpsters when someone threw their beer bottles in the trash. One bottle missed and hit Bryan. Bryan let out a small cry. The cops had heard it and found the two brothers behind the dumpster. They took the two boys to their dad’s house where they found their dad working on his R32. When the two policemen told the boy’s dad what happened, their dad snapped. Ty and Bryan’s dad got even madder once the policemen left. Ty and Bryan weren't allowed to leave the house for a month after they came home from school. The next day when Bryan was walking to school, he saw his dream car, a Toyota Supra. He couldn't help himself, so he went to talk to the owner, they spoke for about fifteen minutes. When he got to class, everyone started laughing the teacher looked angry. This was due to Bryan frequently being late; his school is very strict about being late. The teacher sent him straight…show more content…
By this time it was almost midnight, so they didn’t want to get caught. Ty went over to tell the guy to stop revving, or he will ruin the meet. The guy just told him to shut up, but Ty didn’t want this guy to ruin the meet for his little brother. Ty asked him one more time, but this time the guy had enough. He got out of his car and punched Ty in the face. Then a fight broke out between the two. They fought for about thirty seconds; afterward, Ty landed a huge hit and knocked out the guy. Everyone started yelling. One guy came up to Ty and told him ”He's been ruining meets
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