Copyright Modernization Act Summary

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The Copyright Modernization Act: A Guide for Post-Secondary Instructors


This study paper entitled “The Copyright Modernization Act: A Guide for Post-Secondary Instructors that published in 2013. Devin Soper as the author of this paper is not a legal professional but publishing this paper in a personal views and opinions. The copyright act was invented in order to protect the original idea or works of owner, the new product and other substances by using an act to make better provision in the laws. This act may relief the first inventor of new innovation in the industry from being imitative by others people or an organization for their own interest such as to make profit. If there anyone who want intrude any of the rights that
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In this exception, an educational institution such as colleges and universities or an expert are allowed to create fixation of lesson and to communicate these fixations to students through the Internet. The fixations are not only will be devastated by the educational institution within 30 days after the students have acknowledged the final course evaluations, however each student will be disallowed to replicate additional copy of each lesson for own use. It is effective to extends the exception for class presentation to the digital environment that could provide distance-education between instructor and students after this exception implement to instructions that encompass copyright…show more content…
It includes both of exception which is the fair dealing exception and some of the special exception gave for universities and colleges that involved mostly to concerned instructor, educators, students and librarians. Copyright Modernization Act also well-known between access control Technological Protection Measures and copy control Technological Protection Measures that let avoidance of the earlier for the uses that are in agreement with the Copyright Modernization educational provisions. The main difference between both of Technological Protection Measures which are access control and copy control is effectively carried by their
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