Coral Cat Analysis

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The Story of Coral Cat- The End of the Truck RockHARDforts _Disclaimer: this story will be mostly enjoyed by Taylor, considering she has dealt with the rockforts firsthand._ Welcome again, toons! In the last chapter, I last told the story of Yogurt, a southern homosexual who was (somewhat) raped and tortured by Coral Cat until he sadly passed away. So let 's pick up where we left off, shall we? After Yogurt 's incident, Coral Cat had to lay low for a while. She realized that carving "CC" in Yogurt 's neck was probably not the best idea. For weeks, she stayed inside her house with minnimal contact with other toons, besides when she needed groceries, which she would only pay for in cash to avoid her name being publicly seen. With all of this…show more content…
Coral Cat had her eyes on a specific clan that enjoyed hanging around Vibrant Valley. They called themselves the "Truck Rockforts" (pronounced "Rockferts"). The Rockforts were fat, tall, shit brown horses with the largest mouth possible. They wore blue soccer shirts with yellow sleeves and piss yellow shorts with period stains on the sides. The clan consisted of about 10 toons, the leaders being Xeronax, Timehalt, and Noal. One day, she spotted the 3 hanging out together in Vibrant Valley, advertising their clan to anyone who was willing to join. She wandered around Toontown Central, keeping a close eye on the Rockforts. Eventually, they stopped advertising and decided to head down Loopy Lane to meet new clan members and help them work on ToonTasks. Coral Cat took this opportunity and followed right behind them. Halfway through the tunnel, Coral Cat slipped into her cog suit. The suit somewhat resembled a Cold Caller. Or maybe a Flunky. She didn 't really mind the shittyness of the suit because whatever Noal was smoking, he was probably passing it on to the other two fuckheads, so they couldn 't possibly notice that this suit resembled a chode intead of a cog. She waddled around the streets in her suit, following the Rockforts around until they got into a cog battle, which she joined a few seconds later. They defeated the first cog, leaving Coral Cat awkwardly standing right in front of the Rockforts. All of them chose Cream Pie, which of course, ruined her poor suit. It was now her turn to attack, so she did the only thing that she could think of. She turned around and bent over right in the Rockforts faces, releasing a horrible gas that smelled like a mix of Shrek 's onion flavored condoms and Wonderswirl 's sweaty, bloody vagina. A few drops of shart leaked out of her anus and onto the ground. To Coral Cat 's suprise, it worked! Her gas knocked them right out. She jumped out of her cog suit and dragged all of the Rockfort 's bodies behind an empty
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