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The four-days of World War II it was skirmisk in May 1942 they marked the first air-sea battle. Then the Japanese was seeking to control the Coral Sea with an invasion Port Moresby in southeast of New Guinea, but they made plans to intercepted by Allied forces. The first-air battle they had engagement in which the lead role was played by aircrafts launched from ships at sea. Then the war was resulted from the Japanese. The unknown to the japaneses, the Allied of codebreakers had learned enough about the enemy’s. So the enemy’s discern the japanese plans in time for the Allied fleets to assemble in the Coral Sea. Frank J. Fletcher he commanded American task forces, including the two large aircraft carriers and the other ships, then a British-led cruiser force mounted surface opposition. Then the Allied land-based bombers, turned back to Rabaul. So by May 1st, the conquest of Phillipines, Burma, Mayala and the Dutch East Indies had cost the Japanese Navy only 23 warships and none had been larger than a destroyer. Then there was 67 transport ships had also been lost. The japanese command had to expected far greater losses, and the buoyed by the success, they…show more content…
So the four-day engagement was a strategic victory for the Allies. On May 8 the main of the carrier duel, so Fletcher lost Lexington and the 66 planes and suffered damage to Yorktown, in return of the damaging of Shokaku. Then Takeo Takagi has the light carriers Shoho with 140 planes covered the invasion forces. The Coral Sea, the Battle of the (1942) but the war began because of the Japanese’s. So Nimitz knew that the battle that would ensue would involve the aircrafts, and air supremacy. Then therefore they ordered the carriers Lexington, Yorktown to the Coral Sea along with their respective of the task

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