Perforestation And Deforestation

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The influence of human activities like deforestation, burning fossil fuels and carbon dioxide combustion has played an important role in the climate change and global warming and is still accelerating its rate. Burning fossil fuels (such as coal, oil and gas to create electricity or power up cars) releases carbon dioxide pollution into the atmosphere. This causes an increase in the rate of climate change and global warming. Deforestation for farming or agricultural purposes, urban and infrastructure development cuts down the availability of plants and forests. Plants are essential in regulating the climate since they need carbon dioxide and so they absorb carbon dioxide from the air and in turn, release oxygen back into it whereas forests act…show more content…
The zooxanthellae, an algae that live in the tissues of corals and their source of food, leave their tissue if higher temperatures carry on for weeks. This causes the corals to turn white since it is the zooxanthellae that produces their color. ‘Bleached corals’ are the ones that are white and unhealthy which means they are weak and less able to fight disease. As climate change (higher or warmer water temperature) continues, bleaching will become more common and overall health of coral reefs will deteriorate. Across the Pacific Ocean, coral reefs are declining at a rate of about two percent a year, and it may be only 40 to 50 years before they’re completely gone. [6.] Coral reefs are important because they are habitat to a million species of fish, invertebrates and sea mammals. Not only do coral reefs provide habitat to diverse aquatic species, they also provide source of food for people living near the coast. If their source of food is lost, these people might have to move to another location to obtain food or to live. Additionally, coral reefs are essential in tourism and recreation in countries like Fiji and Australia so if damage of coral reefs leads to its loss, there will be a drastic effect on the economic state of these…show more content…
Also, I think we'll be a magnet for climate refugees or migrants and we'll strain to deal with the numbers of people who may want to come here. Domestically, the effects of sea level rise will be a growing issue, and the costs of adapting could be large, with more frequent floods, and droughts that damage agricultural production. The difference between gross and net is explained by cutting down trees, basically. Our "sinks" of CO2 have decreased as forests have shrunk. Our sources have grown mostly from transport and industry. We have one of the highest car-ownership rates in the world and use a lot of fossil fuel to power industrial plant. Both net and gross numbers tell us that New Zealand has done nothing to address the causes of climate

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