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Coraline essay Jack druery

In the novella Coraline by Neil gaiman the themes of fear and courage are evident throughout. In this essay I will take a look at each of these themes, and explain why they are important. The theme Courage is important because it keeps the story moving. Courage is evident throughout the novella Coraline, because Coraline has to overcome the fear of facing the other mother, rescue the children and save her parents. If Coraline didn't have the courage she would fail and the other mother would win. These are a few examples of courage in this novel and movie. The fact that she was alone
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It sounded didn't sound like a bad thing. Not really” (1)

This quote from Coraline tell us that Coraline is a little bit nervous about what she will find in the other flat.
I am going to analyze this quote and the fact that without courage the novella would not be the story it is.
See the courage in the book keeps it alive if Coraline collapsed with fear and didn't go on she wouldn't of saved her parents and the other mother would of tricked more kids to their doom.
But because Coraline fought back against Coraline and the other mother, she had no fear of school and would have a great deal of confidence.
Because she said when you're scared but you still do it anyway that's brave (2)
This pretty much states what being brave is like climbing really high even though you hate heights.
Because having courage isn't not being scared it's doing something you're scared of. Therefore, courage is of key importance - Next I am going to talk about fear She closed the door and hurled the toy box in front of it- it would not keep anyone out, but the noise somebody would make trying to dislodge it would wake her, she hoped (3) he novella
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