The Corbett National Parks

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Among every one of the national parks in Indian, the Corbett National Park may be the oldest and among the finest among the top 10 national parks in India. It had been established in 1936 to guard the imposing Bengal Tigers. Located for the foothills of the Himalayan variety of Uttarakhand, Corbett National Park is amongst the hot spots of the particular wildlife lovers.

This park have been named after the well-known wildlife story writer Rick Corbett. Beauty and wilderness on this park attracts enthusiasts from some part of the globe. This wildlife tourist destination of India has also been featured in many wildlife documentaries to be able to raise the awareness towards the mighty and stunning Bengal Tigers.

Bandhavgarh National Park is positioned in Madhya Pradesh and stretches on the range of Vindhyan Piles. This park is noted with the presence of Royal Bengal Tigers possesses the maximum density of tiger population in the united kingdom.
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The White Tigers were originally present in Rewa located near that park and have turned out to be one of the leading objects of desire for various zoos across the globe. The entire territory runs east to west together with fragmented hilly ranges tossed with wetlands and woodland
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