Core 7 Role Play: Hard Work And Faith

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Addison Dellinger
Dr. Nichols
2 November 2015
Core 7 Role Play Paper
Hard Work and Faith My name is Jeevan, which means life. I was given my name because of the problems my parents went through trying to have a child. My parents worked on having a child for many years. Doctors and family constantly told them that is was not likely to occur. I was essentially a miracle child. I was born in the city of Delhi, India. My parents were of the middle-class. My father was a business man who was highly respected. He was a very diligent worker but always would be there for me when I would need him. My mother decided to follow the non - traditional Indian woman life by working for a computer company answering phones for customer service. Both my parents
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I spoke with father concerning all the pollution that plagued Delhi. He advised me that if I wanted to make a difference to go to college and learn ways to help the city. So college is where I went. I went to the best engineering school in Delhi, Delhi College of Engineering. I entered with the goal of finding a way to cut the amount of pollution in Delhi. I invented a water purifying system that would be able to purify the water that was being polluted by the industries four years after my education. With this innovation I was a step closer to helping the city with its pollution problem. The government of Delhi Pollution was very pleased with my work. They offered to send me to the United States to continue my studies and to bring back more innovation to stop the pollution in Delhi. I was starting to see how the incorporation of religion and hard work pays off. Karma had given me a tremendous opportunity. My next challenge was to find a way to tell my…show more content…
They worried of me being alone in a new country. I did my best to convince them that I would be safe and communicate with them as much as possible. My father gave me his blessing and the next week I travelled to the United States. The Delhi government was able to get me into the University of California - Berkeley. There I looked for ways to reduce pollution back home. I soon realized that this would be an extreme test of my skills and mind. School in America was tough for a variety of reasons like being away from home and being alone. I found a tutoring service at the university and immediately used it. Before long I was back on track and doing well in my studies. The biggest problem I faced was finding ways to continue my worship. I believed that living by Karma and Brahman my life come back together. I kept my promise of talking to my parents as often as possible and they told me how proud they were of me and that the water pollution in India had gotten better because of the water purification I worked
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