Core Competencies: Emotional, Physical, And Mental Strengths

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My Core Competencies There re billions and billions of people on planet earth at this very moment. Out of those billions and billions of people no one is the same as me or you. I may have similar qualities, but I am not the same. I am 6 feet and 2 inches and I weigh 250 pounds. The average person can handle loud noises but I can 't. I can 't handle them because I am Autistic. Many people would say having autism would be a bad thing, but I don 't look at it like that. I think it is a gift. My Core Competenceies are my emotional, physical, and mental strengths.

My physical strength is shown in my athleticism. My autism is not a setback for me. when you have Autism there are often other disorders that go along with it. For instance, with my Autism I have ADHD that goess along with it. That is why I am a good athlete. I love to play football and run track. When most people see me they asume that I want to be the best athlete out there because of my weight and size. That is not really the case for me, I just want to finnish the race and have the best sportsmanship on the field. I will still play hard for the team of
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My emotional strength is shown in my respectfulness.I was always told to treat peopple the way you wanted to be treated in the world. I am a very caring person, and you should not have to earn my respect if i haven 't me you. It is also hard to lose my respect, but when you do lose it its easy to gain back. Some people may not let you gain the respect back after you lost it. I most likely would depending on the
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