Core Competencies In Nursing

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Core Competencies
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Core Competencies
The current health care environment is facing several factors that necessitate the need for advanced practice nursing (APN). Concerns, such as the nursing shortage, an aging population, rising patient awareness, new advancements in medical technology, health care reforms, and developments in nursing and medical knowledge, justify the need for advanced care. The mentioned factors create an opportunity for direct and indirect care providers to contribute their skill, knowledge, and motivation to quality patient care. However, the latter needs to embrace the core nursing competencies consistent with the educational, professional, interpersonal, and decision-making aspects of their practice concentration. Core competencies of indirect and direct care providers may share some similarities; however, their implementation is different with respect to environment and specialization.
Nurse Administrator and Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (NP) Core Competencies
Denisco and Barker (2016) define direct care as functions performed by advanced practice nurses within the patient-nurse interface, and indirect care as undertakings completed away, and on behalf of the patient. A nurse administrator performs external duties for the patient, while the nurse practitioner conducts the patient-to-nurse interactions. Regardless of the difference in functions, the two mentioned advanced care providers must
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