Core Competency In Ender's Game By Orson Scott Card

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The novel Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card reveals many business ideas and themes that were discussed during my business class. Ender uses the themes of core competency, know your customer, and mission through specific example in the novel. In every example Ender could have better reached his goal goal by either avoiding risk, or taking advantage of opportunities. In chapter 7 “Salamander” on page 84 in the book starting with “even as Ender learned how much he did not know” is an example of core competency. Core competency is a concept in management theory that can be defined as a harmonized combination of multiple resources and skills that distinguish a firm in the marketplace. In other words what gives you the competitive advantage with your customers in the marketplace, what is it that makes you successful against all the competition. In this example Ender is identifying not only the things he does not know but the…show more content…
Ender realizes a bunch of things that are wrong but can easily be fixed and that would lead to many advantages that set him apart. For example he realizes the well-rehearsed formations were a mistake because it meant they were predictable, as well as there was no room for adjustment to what the enemy did against formations. After doing more research Ender realized that he could fix these disadvantages and make them into advantages. These advantages would result in his teams core competence or in other words these new advantages would be how his team found a competitive advantage against the other teams. Ender could have better reached his goal of determining his core competence by using the information he did know and building on it to make it a strength of his and for it to become a
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