Core Competency In School Curriculum

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A competent health workforce is central to achieving universal health coverage (WHO, 2006). Quality education is the foundation for developing competent health workers who are equipped with the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to deliver quality care. There is evidence, however, that health workers, including nurses, may not be adequately prepared to meet the needs of society, especially in developing countries. It is therefore imperative that educational institutions are provided with support and guidance to develop competence-based curricula for their education programmes.
The approach taken to organise the school curriculum by learning areas provides a foundation of learning in schools designed to ensure students develop the knowledge and understanding on which the major disciplines are based.
However, 21st century learning does not fit neatly into a curriculum solely organised by learning areas. Increasingly, in a world where knowledge itself is constantly growing and evolving, students need to develop a set of skills, behaviours and dispositions, or general capabilities that apply across subject-based content and equip them to be lifelong learners able to operate with confidence in a complex, information-rich, globalised world. The Curriculum focuses on the development of general capabilities in addition to discipline-based learning areas.
This document presents nurse educator core competencies which were developed through an elaborate
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