4 Core Values In My Life

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The past twenty years of my life have been a journey of many great memories as well as many strenuous times that have framed me into the person I am today. However, my happiest memories are in the small apartment in Elizabeth. Even though my family lived a minimalist lifestyle, I was content. I never felt I needed anything other than my family and friends because I was surrounded by people they made the best out of so little. I feel that as long as I am surrounded by genuine people, I will never feel the yearn to look for happiness in materialistic items.
One of the hardest experiences I have had to go through in my life is being an immigrant in the United States. The thirteen years spent living in the shadows of a country I call home has
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The main values I live by and identify with, are to be honest, respectful, ambitious, and work hard. My mother constantly stressed the fact that the key to a good relationship, whether it be friendly, professional, or romantic is to be honest because it is the foundation for a healthy and long-lasting relationship. I was also taught to be respectful to others even if I do not share the same values, beliefs, or norms as someone it does not give me the right to act in an ill manner. The third core value is to have ambition as it is a driving force for success. Yet, the most critical value that I learned was through my father’s actions. When he first arrived in the United States of America, he only had a vision of where he saw himself. Sleeping on cardboard with newspaper as his blanket or working long hours did not stop him. Despite the many obstacles my father faced, he never allowed those setbacks hinder him from progressing. To be able to witness my father go from having absolutely nothing to owning his own successful construction company, makes me understand the importance of never giving up on a dream and working hard to achieve that…show more content…
I was a part of the Future Leaders of America Club and the Book Club. I was initiated into the National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society and I received the Presidential Award for Academic Achievement. Having successfully completed my objective, I felt ready to tackle on college. However, little did I know I would soon find out that was not the case. Originally, I planned to major in Biology and eventually become a doctor. As I sat in the biology and chemistry classes I found myself drifting off into my own thoughts. I knew that I did not find any interest in the matter, but I was battling my own desire versus the vision my mom had of me. I felt a sense of pressure to please my mother because I wanted her to be proud of me. Through this experience, I learned that I had to follow my own path, especially about my career. Now, I attempt to make decisions that will make me happy instead of decisions that will make others happy. Often times, I am inclined to analyze every option there is when it comes to certain situations. I attempt to write a list to see which choice would benefit me the most. Aside from making important decisions, I sometimes have difficulty making easy
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