Core Feminist Arguments In Global Politics

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A core feminist argument is that individual lives are global politics. what do feminist IR scholars mean by that? How are your life choices- be it your weekly grocery shopping- global politics? global politics is the power on things going on around the world. feminism is the equality of the female gender in a globalised world, feminists argue that when there is equality, females tend to believe in themselves and what they can do which means a lot to humans at large when an individual is not believed and encouraged in a society they become weak in what they can do and the confidence they have in themselves tend to weaken because they are not seen to be capable of running things be it business, white collar job, sales and advertisement and any job there is in the globe. Gender is not meant to have restrictions, gender is meant to be a point of identification and not a point of restrictions, Cynthia Enloe said women are important in international politics, feminism and feminists have been grouped into four by a feminist called Christine Sylvester, she said there is feminist empiricism this group believe in the existence of the female gender meaning they are human and should be equally treated as one, while feminist standpoint this group is beyond empiricism, feminist
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