Arguments Of Feminism

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A core feminist argument is that individual lives are global politics. what do feminist IR scholars mean by that? How are your life choices- be it your weekly grocery shopping- global politics? global politics is the power on things going on around the world. feminism is the equality of the female gender in a globalised world, feminists argue that when there is equality, females tend to believe in themselves and what they can do which means a lot to humans at large when an individual is not believed and encouraged in a society they become weak in what they can do and the confidence they have in themselves tend to weaken because they…show more content…
A lot of people think women and men should have different role in the house, workplace and the society at large, that we should bring different things to the table, but how about we share the task not everyday the women will bring food to the table and the husband will just be there and waiting for the food everyday sometimes when she is tired from work do the cooking, wash the dishes when she cooks, it is all about being good in all aspects of life and be able to live without needing any help just like it is expected at the work place, or for example at the workplace when there is a work that needs to be done and the manager wants to give the task to a man but the man is not available and the manager cannot give it to the woman because she is female, that can make the business or production
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