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Marywood University incorporates a mission statement where they base a campus state of well-being off a list of core values including, empowerment, service, excellence, catholic identity and respect. We are working towards a goal in a community at Marywood that presents these core values as a set of words to live by on campus, but in our hearts we have to connect meaning to them. Sometimes, it might be hard as a college freshman to know these words by their definition but rather what they mean to them and how they can actually put them into action. The book “A Good Man” and the speech “This is Water” represent the Marywood core value of Excellence in two completely different ways in which a Good Man represents the physical actions of Excellence…show more content…
Back at the time when something like this was considered taboo, Sarge and his wife demonstrated the power of excellence because they decided to take in a group of intellectually deficient kids, and taught them how to play sports no matter how unethical the world thought it seemed. They introduced the idea of having an Olympics for intellectually deficient kids to ambassadors from different countries who responded with laughter and mockery. Although they got discriminated by the public, they continued to have practice every day for the kids and eventually achieved their goal of putting on Olympics for them. Right then and there, along with many other achievements, did they establish excellence because there was no reward for their efforts but rather an act shown from the goodness of their hearts. In this case seeing is believing what excellence is really all about.
In the speech “This is Water” David Foster Wallace demonstrates how to strive for excellence rather than having a personal account of him being a good outstanding citizen. In this way it differs from that of a good man because while Sarge the main character exhibited excellence through various achievements, Wallace relays the graduating class what to do in order to be
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Posted on the website and around campus, Marywood’s core values are just words to some people. Excellence, in this case, was shown not only as someone’s life in Mark Shriver’s,“ A Good Man” but also as a perceived way of thinking in David Foster Wallace’s graduation speech, “This is Water”. When we can apply excellence and relate to yet another outstanding theme in our everyday lives, we no longer have the “word” excellence we have the envisionment of a power above ourselves, one of the core values to incorporate into our day to day lives in the Marywood Community and
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