Personal Core Values: Family Love And Humor

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Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all a person 's actions; they serve as one’s cultural cornerstones. Values are a part of us, they highlight what we stand for. They can represent our unique, individual essence. Values guide our behavior, providing us with a personal code of conduct. When we honor our personal core values consistently, we experience fulfillment. Core values are developed through experience and development, they impact our personal lives as well, as our professional lives. Three important personal core values that I hold to heart are Family, love and Humor. These are values that I think will make and makes life better and easier for me as a person. Each make me feel secure and prepared for the future.…show more content…
Love is probably the best gift we can give as individuals to ourselves first, then to others in our life, wherever we find ourselves either within our family, school, church, work or social gatherings. It behooves us all to learn to fully love ourselves first, and, in a more humane way, to all those with whom we come into contact. It is not often easy for to give unconditional love to others, in part due to the way I learned about love from is from my parents, immediate and extended family and community I grew up back in Nigeria. To change that and give at least the "brotherly" form of love to everyone I meet and know, is practicing true acceptance, and it comes back/ reciprocated back to me often. For me, that means a complete acceptance of who I am. It also means that I treat others the way I would like to be treated. Love also affords me unlimited abundance free of the angst, stress and anxiety that accompanies making material goods the goals of my existence. Love also helps me accept everyone for who they are. The process includes gathering diverse points of view and thinking about how it would feel if I was in the shoes of the other person. As a student love helps me do the very best that I can in all my endeavors. Love also shows me that when I do the best that I can do I find freedom. Should I succeed I’m not guilty, should I fail, I’m not lost. I detach myself from the meaning of the outcome and by doing so I excel in most things I

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