Reflective Essay: What Are Some Of My Values?

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What are some of my values?

Values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work.They decide our priorities, and Understanding them helps in living an authentic, happy life.
Some of my core values are - I am very adaptable according to the kind of person I am with.
I geniunely care a lot about people.
I am never envious of others success.Rather, I try to learn from them.
I let go of petty issues with my friends.
I am ambition. And I always try to motivate people to reach out for their dreams.
I believe in being adventurous for a fulfilling life.
I am very confident about myself.
I have no respect for the status quo.
I am very dedicated to my work. I take immense pride in what I do.
I never judge people on how much earn. I judge people on how there work impacts the society.
I treat people with love. I believe everyone is fighting a battle of their own and we should not make it harder for them.
I believe there is good in all people. It is the cicumstances that make people do ugly things.

Manners - are they old fashioned? Do they hold a high or low value in your life?

Manners are about more than using the right fork or not slurping when you drink. Those rules of etiquette
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One is a kind of family that you get and one is a kind that you earn(your friends ,your spouse,your kids).You may earn a fancy income but what's the point if you don't have anybody to share your happiness with? you had a very tiring day you are getting back home and there is nobody to share your tirednesss with? Family is happiness.Family support is very important in anyone's carrer. Right from our imphancy we are bound with love of our family. They give us that moral support which can't be received from anyone else. Feel blessed that you have your parents and siblings looking after you. Many in this world are not that blessed and are starving for their parents
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