Core Values Of Epic Poetry

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What are myths, narratives, or epic poems? They are only just stories if one chooses not to believe in it. In the eyes of the people of Antiquity, epic poems and hero narratives were more than just made-up stories for their own entertainment. It often taught an individual the importance of priding oneself on good morals and strong ethical values. In fact, underlying themes and values hidden among these narratives and poems are still very much relevant today. That being said, core values presented through these poems included: the importance of family, respect for the gods, hard work, and the downfall of overbearing pride. It 's hard to understand the basis of how ancient civilizations and cultures functioned without the use of myths and epic poems. Through the people of Antiquity’s ' facilitated stories, a generalization can be made of how religion, family, the gods, life, and even death played an important factor within their lives. While these stories offered…show more content…
I have not ill-treated servants. I have not belittled a god.” From this quote alone, it is evident that people of Antiquity, such as the Egyptians, valued good character and family. It was important for a man to do what was considered just and good in accordance with their community’s given laws. Individuals were taught the importance of strong family relations. Furthermore, they understood the importance of humility and practiced respect for others, especially the gods. Many people of Antiquity were polytheistic, meaning having many gods. In this sense, it was important to recognize the higher powers. Likewise, the Greco-Roman society held these same values such as: doing good by the law, the importance of family, humiliation, and ultimate reverence for the gods. Furthermore, from narratives and poems, Socrates believed that, “These ideas are worthy of the gods, filled with the little gems of virtue on the inside. They are of great—in fact, the greatest—value to anyone who wishes to become the best
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