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This essay will discuss the core professional values of nursing and how they are important for the delivery of safe, high quality care. Competent and compassionate nursing care of the sick has a long tradition as a valued public service in Ireland. However, several reports, including Lees Cross 2006, Aras Attrachta 2013,2015, Portlaoise 2014, have challenged this position. The core values were reaffirmed in Ireland in 2016 (Department of Health, 2016) These values are identified and agreed as Caring, Compassion, and Commitment they advise basic leadership by guiding each nurse and midwife to deliver safe, effective, high quality holistic care. NMBI (2016) states Values are the imbued rule that guide the activities of nurses and midwifes. Individual…show more content…
These qualities and their related practices are the very embodiment of nursing and midwifery practice and form the basis of professional decision making and actions (Department of Health, 2016).The HSE, (2015) define their four core values as, care, compassion, trust & learning. In the UK the core values of nursing are described as the 6 Cs Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage &Commitment. The 6Cs are the esteem base for Leading Change, Adding Value; a structure for nursing, midwifery and care staff. (NHS,2016). The Department of health (2014) state the core values in Southern Australia are caring with kindness, person-centred, respect, integrity and accountability& in New Zealand they are respect, integrity, trust, working in partnership with health consumers. This demonstrates the pattern of common important core values in different…show more content…
Nurses use Maslow’s theory to help them prioritize nursing intervention. Maslow believed that each person has fundamental needs, he arranged these needs in five stages, physiological, Safety, Love & belonging, esteem & self-actualization. He believed that one could not reach the next stage until needs are met in the first & subsequent stages. (Waugh& Brooker 2013). Sophie King-Hill (2015) criticises Maslow 's theory and states these needs are not totally unrelated and may overlap based on which need overwhelms and motivates the person at any one-time subordinate upon individual mental and physical

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