School Nursing Case Study

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School nursing continues to make a huge impact in the communities in the United States. We have learned in our classes that Lilian Wald was the first woman to start to implement school nursing in order to help the absenteeism that was occurring in the early 19th century (National Association of School Nurses, 2018). Fast forward some time and in the early 1990’s the Connecticut State Department of Education formed a committee to develop guidelines for students with special health care needs in response to the increasing numbers of children with acute, long-term, and chronic health problems who attended schools in Connecticut, it was named and released in 1992: Serving Student with Special Health Care Needs (National Association of School Nurses,…show more content…
Clinical Procedure Guidelines for Connecticut School Nurses is a merger and update of the two documents, and is a detailed resource noting responsibilities and procedures for care of students by a school nurse in Connecticut (State Department of Education, 2018). Many of the early policies and laws that were created in the United States were based on children who had special needs and illness, and the strides taken were to ensure that each child gets equal…show more content…
There has now been set a ratio of one nurse to 750 students and data will need to be collected in each of the ratios set to understand if that number is efficient or not in successfully reaching goals for students. I think it also opens the door to the importance of the school nurse in the community and the skills that can be provided in the school setting to change health habits of children and families that could eventually decrease chronic common ailments Americans are facing today. I believe that future challenges will be in the high ratio and whether the ratio suffices. I also feel that challenges will if the school nurses will be able to change communities based off assessments and implementations in the school system. But, I feel that more research is needed to see whether these ratio are sufficient enough. More data will need to be collected on the repercussions on active school nurses in the student and in the community and how he or she could change health knowledge and the overall health of the population. Since this is a policy that was just, for
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