Core Values Self-Assessment

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As I completed the Core Values Self- Assessment of Aplia I was able to determine my top five personal values which are Health, Success, Family, Personal Growth, and Financial Wealth. I’m not surprised Health is on the top of my values because if I didn’t have health the other values would not have significance in my life. Success for me is an important value in my life because it’s what gives motivation to keep persuading my goals. What would be success if you don’t have a beloved family with whom you can share your success. Having personal growth would allow me to have a very successful life because I will grow not only emotionally, but also, mentally. Who doesn’t want to have a good life without worry about money you may ask? well for me…show more content…
The skills the business program is going to teach me are going to be essential in my career as a financial person. Besides getting in the business program I want to get my master’s degree in business so I can be more distinguishable in my career and show the hard work I put in at school. As right now I must complete my GE requirements so I can get into the business program and begin my long journey as a business student. The basic skills I’m learning right now as a first-year student in college would help me to succeed in college and become a…show more content…
Not having a job has caused a big impact on my financial wealth because every day my money in my bank account keeps decreasing. But I cannot complain there are no other obstacles that seem to hinder my ability to live up to my other four values and that is something positive. Probably a big obstacle that I see hindering my ability to fulfill my personal vision is the failure of my accounting class. This big mistake of failing my accounting class would stop me from getting into CoBa, which is the business program I must get into. As of right now maybe the only obstacle that interferes with my personal “mission” is my lack of motivation I have some days. Apparently, after doing the Intrinsic Motivation Self-Assessment, I comprehend I lack motivation on some parts of my life. As I was answering each one of the questions of the assessment it also helps me to figure out what are my weaknesses and strongest. Even though the score that I got on this assessment was not the one I was expected I’m not disappointed because I know I can convert my weaknesses on my strongest. But I have to say one thing doing this assessment helps figure out and think why some days I’m so unmotivated in my life as a college

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