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Baku Higher Oil School Aytakin Gasimova – H00177243 Laboratory Report Contents Introduction 3 Experimental details 3 Core washing 3 Porosity and permeability measurement 4 PVT cell 5 Introduction This report is aimed at providing information about the Laboratory experiment, which was held at “Azlab” laboratory in 16th of November. In this experiment, several apparatuses were used such as, porosimeter, permeameter, PVT cell, core washing equipment. Generally, this equipment was utilized to gain information about core samples, which were taken from either exploration or production wells. In next sections, more detailed information is provided about each of these devices. Experimental details Core washing In this experiment, the purpose was to clean the core samples taken from reservoirs and extract the residual hydrocarbons within the core sample. In first step, the samples were cut in a appropriate size in order to use them in other laboratory devices properly. This size is 1.5” in diameter. The next step is to wash the samples…show more content…
The unit is connected to a computer for automated data acquisition and control. The device performs all data calculations for a direct reading of permeability. The core is placed in a rock core holder, and the outer surface is pressurized to simulate the loads, that the core was under when it was removed. Of these loads or stresses, some are caused by the weight of the material above the core, which is known as the “overburdened” pressure. Loads on the rock will affect the core’s permeability to fluids, so it is important to duplicate them during testing. The injection pressure at the core face is measured using a pressure transducer and the gas flow rate is measured using a precision mass flow meter. An excel spreadsheet calculation template allows for calculation of gas

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