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Cleveland Indians Corked Bat Incident The Great Albert Belle Corked Bat Incident (or the Cleveland Indians Corked Bat Incident as it is more commonly known) involves Albert Belle, slugger for the Indians who was found to have a corked bat after Gene Lamont (manager of the White Sox at the time) tipped off the umpires. Umpires placed Belle 's bat in safe keeping in their private chambers, but later, the bat was switched out for another. One that was perfectly legal. The Indians were not able to keep the ruse going for long, and were found out. How It Started It all happened on July 15, 1994 at Comiskey Park in Chicago during a game between the Pale Hose and the Indians. At the beginning of the game, Gene Lamont was told that Albert Belle…show more content…
Lamont took his challenge to umpire Dave Phillips who took the bat from Belle and locked it away. He explained challenging the bat by saying that for a right handed power hitter (and someone who usually hit the ball out to left field), Belle seemed to be hitting a lot of balls to the right side and very deep. A bat belonging to Paul Sorrento (another member of the Indians) was used to swap the corked bat. Relief pitcher Jason Grimsley was sent to retrieve the bat. He went through the false ceiling located in the clubhouse, and crawled through to the umpire 's dressing room, with a flashlight in his mouth. He was successful in his attempt to swap out the bats. Grimsley, was not however, able to hide that anyone had been in the room that should not have been. A janitor noticed that there were pieces of the ceiling tiles on the floor, and metal brackets that were now twisted. What Phillips found was a different bat in place of Albert Belle 's. The bat that was now in his room, was stamped with Sorrento 's signature and not Belle 's, and was not as shiny. The police was called and there were threats to press criminal charges against the

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