Cormac Mccarthy Changes In The Road

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To Change is to Grow Through the book “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy the boy and the father show a great amount of change and maturity, while also learning to adapt and love. The story has a good balance of how different events can affect and impact someone's life in either a good or bad way. There are many events that change the mind and heart of the boy and father, but change can only be helpful if you learn from it and mature out of being afraid for things to happen. The stories main idea is very tragic in a dark, grey world where nothing ever good happens and instead of learning to live your preparing to die. The father’s wife had recently died, leaving him with the boy to take care of with the only mindset of keeping him alive, doing anything for their survival. This affected the father in a big way, leaving him with little hope and hardly any reason to stay alive, but the boy was “his warrant” (McCarthy 5) , his only reason for life. The boy starts out very scared and weak, always wanting to hide behind his father, knowing that one day he will die. The boy matures with every event that happens, and he maintains to have hope throughout most of them. “The man fell back instantly and lay with blood bubbling from the hole in his forehead. The boy was lying in his lap with no expression on his face at all.”…show more content…
Certain events affect a person's well-being and level of thinking in either a positive or negative way. A negative effect on maturity could be losing your family at a young age or getting in a car accident and having permanent brain damage. Some people may think that in order to mature you have to have something bad happen to you in order to learn but that isn't true. Say you're a foster child and you finally find the right home and parents who love you dearly. This would affect you in a positive way showing that there is hope for even the most tragic events in
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