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Life on Earth has been destroyed as humans know it. There are no governments, countries, or communities. Humanity has turned their back on one another and everyone must watch out for themselves, with the exception of gangs who now roam the wasteland looking for easy targets to capture and use as slaves or food. Love is defined as a feeling of warm, personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, friend, or sometimes stranger. It would be believable children who are brought into this uncivilized world are not familiar with this feeling. They see how humans treat each other and look at another as the enemy, a slave, or food. While love may not exist the way humans think of it today, love has taken a different form in Cormac McCarthy’s book, The Road. Raised in a cruel world struggling for survival, love is the binding force between a young boy and his father. Love is seen as the little boy shows his devotion to strangers encountered on the road choosing to see the good…show more content…
Love has many different forms that the feeling can take, through friendships, random acts of kindness, family, and many others. This is why love will always work, even in a broken system. The core strength of love in The Road comes from the father and his son. The father has a devoted love to his boy, and will protect him against all odds. The boy however, chooses to express his love differently throughout the book. He shows random acts of kindness to strangers his father remains cautious of. He seeks to understand why the gangs are ‘bad’ and believes that deep down, they too are loving. The mother did an unspeakable act that seems cruel at most looks, but to her, she was proving her love to her son, trying to give him a better life. The power of love will always transcend after death, and that is why love will always exist in a broken

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