Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

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Since the start of the Cold War, people have been afraid from a bomb like no other in history. Nuclear warfare struck lives of many every since the end of World War II which ended by a atom bomb dropped on Japan wiping out everything in its path. Cormac Mccarthy was a passionate writer and was inspired and terrified by this idea and wrote the Marvelous story The Road.Even though some might disagree with the powerful reality of a possible post apocalyptic hazard. Viewer of the The road would call it bleak due to the natural and lack of color in the film. There was many good reasons for this. But not having color and hardly any words being exchanged made it seem poorly put together and lack the entertaining part of moives. THough the movie death…show more content…
In the Universal situation, this pushes the father and boy to come closer and only have to worry about each other. The father shepherds the boy all the way though the movie and if the mother would have been there this would have never happen and could have caused the boy and father to get caught and would have been killed. Even though the father tried to hold on the the mother though memories these would eventually be altered by the cryptic environment. There are a few times though the movie the father talk to the boy about ending his life if somethings was to happen to him. This show the hardships they went through all the way to the end of the movie. The dad though the movie is the one helping the boy but by the end of the movie you could tell the boy was going up to take care of himself. This is what makes it so powerful that growing up in a world like this should make you weak but the boy turns the tables and become stronger and this is what the movie was about. Even though the dad told him to end it if it get to hard he had some faith that his son would push through like he did. Viewer would call this a poor and un eventful film but you have to look deeper than just the screen to see the love in which makes it so powerful. This show that even facing all odd you can
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