Corn Conquest Essay

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Corn’s Conquest I can 't say that I had thoughts about corn before this chapter. I just ate my chicken nuggets, and basically anything and everything with corn in it, without a care in the world. As an American I usually don 't think about what I am eating or look at all the ingredients. I never put much thought in the early American diet. Ordering chicken nuggets from McDonalds is not a foreign concept to say the least. I was aware that they were bad for you, like most items on the menu. I knew corn was written somewhere on the long ingredient labels for many items. What I did not know is to what extent. I didn’t know that almost everything off the McDonalds menu contains corn in some form or another. Tracing the items in our shopping cart back to the soil it is clear the common denominator. Throughout the essay all of my thought process has changed in a sense. Beforehand I was not aware of corns relevance in everyday…show more content…
I now value and appreciate corn and all it does, that has changed. I am now aware of corns role in everyday life and how it connects to what I eat. What hasn 't changed is how I eat my food or what I eat. I was never one to look at the labels or how many calories were in whatever it was that I was consuming. With this newfound information I still plan to go about my eating habits the same. Corn is healthy yet a lot of the foods containing corn contain many other ingredients that happen to not be so healthy. With this being said knowing what I now know will not change what I eat. I will continue to eat chicken nuggets and other foods. I will eat with this knowledge and at least know one of the many ingredients. From chicken nuggets to Dr. Pepper, Pollan has taught me that most of my favorite items contain corn. Although my habits will remain I am appreciative of this newfound knowledge and will now value the hundreds of fields that I pass
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