Cornelia In Hiding To Grace

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Everyday people are forced into situations without a choice. Whether these positions are small or life changing, individuals are given the option to find good or bad. In the novel Tending to Grace, Kimberly Newton Fusco writes about a young girl's journey into accepting the world around her in a seemingly horrible point in her life. The feeling of unimportance Cornelia is given after her mother leaves her allows her an unexpected sense of love, self confidence and voice showing good can always stem from the evil in life if one allows it. Through the bad Fusco shows that acceptance of oneself and the world around them can prevail. Cornelia is left with Agatha after her mother leaves, Agatha being the first to show her what family truly is . For the first time Cornelia is given love and support which opens herself to love others as…show more content…
“Never hide my face[...]never again. Never look at my feet, never again. I look up at Agatha, then back at my mother. ‘I’ll b-b-b-be okay here’” (Fusco 164). Her voice is heard for the first time by her mother which makes her feel more powerful. This voice propels her to stand for what she loves and cares about.“I stand, too. I pull the reading pocket from my pocket and throw it in front of him[…] ‘I should be in the honors cl-cl-cl-class’”(Fusco 153). Cornelia is given a new sense of power which fills her with confidence. Cornelia new confidence comes after a long time of insecurity much was which was caused by a feeling of unimportance from her family . “I blom a little more from the spot deep inside myself. I am a chrysanthemum, a late bloomer, a fall bloomer, a bloomer nonetheless”(Fusco 155). Her confidence makes her accept herself and allows her to do many things she was too scared to do before. This empowers her making her a transformed person. Without the bad in Cornelia’s life she would not be nearly as
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