Cornelius And Mary Moore's Life

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In the 1880s, Cornelius and Mary Moore were a young couple starting a family in Canada. They would soon be facing great hardships, but throughout their struggles, the couple would continue to press on, in search of a better future. This perseverance would inspire future generations to pursue greater possibilities for themselves. In Canada, the Moores lived in modest homes without running water or electricity. They worked hard to maintain their simplistic life, but things did not come easily. No one was starving, but they were by no means full. Then, in 1881, a baby boy named Thomas, my great-great-grandfather, was born to Cornelius and Mary. (US Department of Commerce) For a few years, this would simply mean more work for both of them. For Mary,…show more content…
This relates to The American Heritage Medical Dictionary’s definition of perseverance which is “the tendency to continue or repeat an act or activity after the cessation of the original stimulus.” (Perseveration) Long after poverty had stimulated the Moore family in Canada to seek a better life in Michigan, Thomas and his family continued to pursue a more prosperous future for themselves and for their children. As found on etymonline, perseverance is from Old French Perseverance, “persistence, endurance,” and directly from Latin perseverantia, “steadfastness, constancy”. These roots of durability and hard work relate to my definition of perseverance, which is the ability to continue towards a goal, despite obstacles that stand in the way. The Moores had a goal—to escape poverty. They didn’t allow anything, even eviction or other adversity, to stand in the way of that goal. By the early 1930s, roughly forty years after their immigration, the Moores had become significantly more prosperous. Thomas now used a tractor instead of their old horses, and he had saved enough money for a Model T

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