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Coronary Artery Disease is a condition that is caused by a thickening of the inside walls of the coronary arteries. It is disease is also known as CAD, Arteriosclerotic or Coronary Heart Disease. Coronary heart disease is one of the most common heart diseases in the United States. The risk of this disease increases with increased age.
The coronary arteries are major blood vessels that supply our hearts with blood oxygen, and the nutrients we need to survive. An artery has a smooth inner lining (endothelium) almost like a dish with a nonstick coating or a nonstick cooking pan. The food slides off the dish or pan and will not stick to the surface. Same thing as with the lining of the artery the blood and waste materials will slide through
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The damage will cause the walls to harden over time and lose elasticity and increase blood pressure, as well as increase the work load on the heart. (Neighbors) The harden vessel cannot expand and accept the surge of blood that is produced by the heart. Once the inner wall of your artery is damaged from injuries, inflammation or disease; this creates a weak area or tear in the artery walls where the buildup of plaque and other cellular waster products will accumulate at the site and develop into a process called Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is characterized by deposits of fatty or lipid materials in the thickening of the walls. Should this process continue and build up inside the walls of your arteries, it will slow down, or even block the rate of blood flow to your heart muscle. Should the surface of…show more content…
Your heart would be beating hard, you feel a shortness of breath maybe even a little pain in your chest. At first, you may not think there’s a problem or your’re just overdoing it. Classic symptoms of MI include sweating, chest pain, nausea. Most times these are the same symptoms we feel when we are overdoing the chores around the house or even exercising and are not that obvious as to a health hazard. This is one of several reasons a person will go lay down and later a family member will find their loved one dead from a heart attack.
You should always contact 911 if you suspect that you or a family member are having a heart attack. The best defense and prognessis is quick emergency treatment. If you or your family member suspect you may have symptoms of a heart attack, even if it’s just a suspicion make an appointmet to see your doctor as soon as possible. Never drive yourself to the emergeny room if you suspect your having a heart attack, you put yourself and others at a higher risk.
When should you see your

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